Top 5 Reasons Why Visual Content Dominate in 2023

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Using visual content offers several rewards business, from enhanced user engagement to increased click rates to lead form conversions. Studies have found that when you use interactive visual content you increase:

  • Click rates by 50%
  • Content completion rates by over 80% 
  • Lead conversions by 40%

This is why digital marketing experts unanimously agree that the best type of content you can use in online marketing campaigns to beat your competitors is visual content. Since COVID-19 pandemic surfaced in 2019 and lockdown was implemented globally, businesses across the globe have started marketing and selling products online. Quite naturally, the competition increased tremendously over the last couple of years.

Digital marketing campaigns with visual content and infographics get more hits and have higher conversion rates and have thus become digital marketing secret or small business and startups as well as large enterprises.

1. Visuals are processed faster

A survey has found human brain processes visual information 60000 times faster than text based info. One study suggested that the brain retains almost 90% information shared through interactive visual content. From these stats it is evident that visual content plays a vital role in promoting your business by keeping visitors glued to the digital ads or social media posts.

2. It helps with higher conversion rate

A/B tests run to check conversion rate against various types of content found that the conversion rates jump by up to 86% when marketers add interactive videos to their landing pages. So, if you are struggling to generate leads from landing pages or simple ads, try incorporating an interesting video or even a relevant image or infographic and maximize conversions.

3. Visual content is social media friendly

As stated above, visuals attract visitors and keep them glued to the content. When it is about social media marketing, only visiting and sticking to the content is not enough. You want the visitors to share the posts with others as well. Adding relevant, interactive videos or infographics to your social media posts can have a multiplier effect on your social media marketing efforts. This will ultimately enhance the reach of your business.

4. Visual content helps drive traffic

It has been found that by incorporating engaging infographics you can increase website traffic by up to 12% as compared to plain text that lacks visuals. Wondering why? This is because infographics are easier to understand and remember. Try to keep your web content less wordy and more interactive with relevant visuals to make it easier and convenient for visitors to understand and remember the information. Another benefit of infographics is that they are economical and quick to make. This means you can create or get created infographics without spending thousands of dollars.

5. Visually appealing blogs catch attention

One study suggests that blog posts with visuals can attract about 94% more visitors as compared to a plain blog without visuals. It has been found that social media posts with images and short videos get twice as many likes and comments as compared to posts without visuals. This should convince you start including engaging visual content in your social media campaigns.


While adding visual content has numerous benefits, it is strongly recommended to only add relevant and interactive visuals. Also, remember the universal truth that excess of everything is bad. So, avoid stuffing your website or social media posts with irrelevant visuals, just because visual content is dominating in 2023.

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