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Digital marketing and strategy services are essential for any business in today's age. ICON provides these services to our clients and brands, helping them to reach their target audiences and achieve their digital marketing goals. We work with our clients to develop custom strategies that fit their unique needs, and we provide the tools and resources necessary to execute these strategies effectively.


Digital Marketing

ICON is a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai offering data-driven, targeted digital marketing services to help you grow your business organically by reaching out to more clients and generating more leads. We have a wide client base, as we do not limit ourselves to specific industries. We provide digital marketing services to assist companies of all sizes across all industries. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and thus do not create cookie-cutter marketing material like your direct competitor in the market has. Rather we work closely with your concerned team to create a customized digital marketing plan that aligns with your unique business goals. We are not just a marketing agency executing strategies blindly; instead we become your extended team that understands your branding requirements and market competition. Unlike many other marketing agencies that focus on glamorizing marketing campaigns to close sales, we focus on driving results through client relationships. Instead of false promises, we believe in delivering results and maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Strategy

When an effectively curated marketing strategy is implemented correctly, it could turn out to be one of the most valuable assets that can elevate your marketing performance and drive measurable results.   At ICON, we create digital marketing strategies that allow your businesses to increase user engagement, grow their market share, and ultimately boost the Return on Investment ROI. We have a dedicated in-house team of digital marketing strategists equipped with over 16 years of industry experience. They curate each and every step of the strategy after detailed research into your target industry, from keyword research to SEO audit to link building.   We have a customer-first approach aimed at delivering sustainable growth to our customers. We start with a detailed analysis of your digital marketing foundation, identify any loopholes there, and create a digital marketing strategy to help you meet your branding goals.   We guarantee an engaging digital marketing strategy for your customers that allows you to retain users by inducing brand loyalty. Most importantly, we adopt a data-driven strategy to increase the return on every penny you spend on digital marketing efforts.   We have a unique approach to digital marketing strategy to help you grow your business. It involves building a strong foundation, planning for long-term success, and creating a holistic marketing strategy. 

Platform Setup

Putting a digital marketing plan into motion without a previously-devised plan or strategy could lead to failure if you don’t consider all the aspects that could impact its development. At ICON, we have the most experienced digital team who will setup the digital platform for your brand. As we all know the importance of each click in the paid campaign is the reason why our team pays special attention while setting up a digital campaign.

Campaign Goal

The first thing we would like to know before taking any action is the campaign objective. What the client is expecting from the campaign. Whether the goal is to get more leads, more subscribers, form fills, website visits, brand awareness, increase store footfall or any specific need. Based on the objective we will setup the campaigns.

Competitors Analysis

We do a detailed competitors analysis by checking their ad copies, target keywords and then do brain storming what we can do different and offer more benefits to outrank them.

Keywords research

Our Digital Specialists will do thorough keyword research and will choose the most profitable keywords for your campaign based on search volume, competition, and CPC. We also create a list of negative keywords to stop the ads from appearing for irrelevant searches. Our in-house digital marketing team will use the different keyword match types wisely so they don’t compete with each other. They will keep a close eye on the search terms to figure out any irrelevant phrases.

Conversion Tracking

Before making the campaign live, our team will make sure that all the tracking pixels have been implemented correctly to track the campaign performance.

Ad Copy writing

Our digital experts work closely with our content team to write compelling ad copies for your digital campaigns. The campaigns will have all the applicable extensions.


Once the platform has been set up and campaigns are live then the digital advertising specialists at ICON will take the necessary actions to improve the performance across various digital marketing channels. Ultimately, the goal of these timely actions is to increase the return on investment (ROI) for paid advertising channels. Our specialists will monitor the performance of the campaign on regular basis and take the appropriate actions to improve the campaign performance over time to get the highest ROI.

Split testing

Our experts will keep testing different landing pages, ad copies, and headlines for optimum performance. Our digital media specialists will optimize the campaigns on regular basis performing several activities like bid management, budget management, checking the search terms, creating new ads and pausing poor-performing ads, adding new keywords, and pausing keywords with low searches and conversions.

Campaign reporting

Our team Digital marketing will share the campaign performance report with clients on weekly and monthly basis. This report can include all the stats which are important to analyze the campaign performance. You will get a complete report with the below stats: • Impressions • Clicks • CTR • Leads/ Sales • CPA • Cost • Revenue • ROAS  Our team digital marketing is well-trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. Contact us now and we will help you plan and implement a simple and sensible strategy suitable for your business.

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