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Our team of content creators and marketing experts will create customized content for your intended audience and align it with your brand strategy. We offer innovative content and storytelling methods that can be delivered in various formats.


Content strategy

At ICON, we help businesses make sense of content by formulating a powerful content strategy that helps them connect with their target audience. Our experts will create a personalized content strategy aligned well with your overall business goals. As a part of our content strategy, we use content (audio, visual, and/or written) to achieve your business goals.  We create a content strategy that will attract your target audience at every stage of the funnel and keep them engaged even after a purchase. We conduct thorough research to determine the type of content that goes well with your brand and marketing goals. We brainstorm content ideas and come up with unique content ideas as a part of our strategy. Our four-step content strategy involves:  1. Researching: We do content audits and persona research and a deep dive into a market competition to see how we can align content with your business goals.  2. Planning: We map content to the customer journeys, optimize content for search engines, carry out editorial planning, and create social media strategies based on the needs and concerns of potential customers.  3. Creation: Based on the research and planning, we create and manage content, as well as formulate plans to distribute and promote the content effectively.  4. Measuring: Using different tools and techniques, content performance is measured and analyzed to ensure content works for your business.

Content planning

Content planning is crucial when it comes to maximizing your reach through content. It helps you determine the content you wish to create and set realistic expectations about how it will impact your overall content strategy. Even the world’s best content strategy would not be successful without proper content planning. And just to clarify, a content plan is not just selecting the right image, writing a keyword-optimized caption, and scheduling it to post at the right time. It is much more than that. Our content planning services give you a roadmap for executing your future content initiatives and a deep insight into the audience's needs, thus helping you to align your content to their preferences.

Our approach to content creation

Our content creators and marketing gurus will craft personalized and search optimized content for your target audience that fits into your brand intents and purposes. Content is the king in SEO. A high quality, well written content will engage readers, get shared and increase the traffic thus resulting in more visitors to your website. Being the leading content marketing agency in Dubai, we offer tailor-made content marketing services for all types of businesses. We have in-house team of creative writers who are experts in writing unique, high quality engaging content for all niches including beauty, retail, healthcare, real estate, consulting, e-commerce and more. Our content creation services include: Website Content Creation Our content experts will write compelling content for your website landing pages which will attract quality traffic to your website important pages. With extensive knowledge of SEO copy writing our writers will produce high quality SEO friendly content which will improve the organic ranking of your website in SERPs. Blog Content Creation Our creative writers will create unique, engaging blog posts for your blog to increase search exposure and brand awareness. Our writers have full knowledge of SEO the reason why the blog posts are written with correct keywords density and keeping SEO best practices in mind. Video Content Creation We also provide video content services in Dubai. Video is a powerful storytelling medium. Videos are among the most powerful tools content marketers can leverage. Our content marketing team will create top-quality videos which can served up in a wide variety of ways. Social Media Content Creation We also provide creative content and captions for social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. Our in-house team of content writers will produce customized content for your target niche targeting the right audience which will help to form trust, improve relationships, increase conversions, and generate leads. The social media content created by our experts help to increase your social media followers and your business can gain traction on social media.

Content publishing

If you wish to stand out in the industry, you should be able to play with the content. You must be aware of creating, prioritizing, and distributing engaging content that connects with your target audience. But when it comes to content publishing, there is a lot that you need to consider, from planning to creation to promotion. With so many moving parts involved in the "publishing" process, it is easy to overlook some of them because you are overwhelmed with managerial tasks or trying to roll out a branding campaign before a deadline hits. We are ready to do the content publishing job for you. At ICON, we have a deep understanding of how to create, prioritize, and distribute content that connects with your audience. We have a dedicated team and established processes to ensure you're consistently publishing high-quality content that sets you apart from your competition. 

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a fast way to build trust and credibility with your target audience. It is premium content that an advertiser pays a publisher to create and distribute. Sponsored content makes a brand look more credible, memorable, and trustworthy. It allows businesses to increase their brand awareness with creative and engaging content. Whether you are a small business or a big multinational organization it is one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience. And also urge them to engage with your brand. ICON can help you expand your success through highly effective sponsored content strategy.

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