Top 3 Digital Mediums to Generate Leads in Dubai in 2023

by Icon Advertising LLC
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In today’s world investing in Digital Marketing is essential to grow your business, regardless of its size and industry. Lead generation can be a lot easier if you follow an effective social media marketing strategy.

Lead generation is a key element of a workable marketing plan to grow your business and is essential to stay relevant to consumers. Through lead generation, you build visibility and credibility and draw the interest of high-value customers. This helps you drive more traffic to your website. Businesses need lead generation for their survival in this era of digitalization.

Here we will discuss top 3 digital mediums to generate leads in 2023.

1. Generate leads with SEO

If you adopt right SEO tactics, your website will rank high and target audience will be able to find you easily online. This will drive more organic traffic to the website, which results in more leads and ultimately you get more sales and generate more revenue.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for businesses of all kinds because:

  • It gives your businesses more visibility on search engines result pages (SERPs)
  • It drives more organic traffic to your website
  • It helps your business stand out among competitors

Five tips to boost lead generation with SEO

Follow these five tips to boost lead generation through search engine optimization:

1. Build a blog:

The best way to get more leads is to build your blog and keep it live by regularly posting SEO-optimized content. Use relevant keywords in the headline as well as body of blogs and publish regularly.

2. Increase your website speed:

Website speed plays a key role in determining your search engine speed. So make sure you use a reliable web host and make your site mobile responsive.

3. Conduct keyword research:

For successful SEO, you must utilize the most searched keywords relevant to your business. You can make use of online keyword tools to shortlist relevant keywords to work on.

4. Start link building:

Link building is a crucial part of any SEO lead generation strategy. But don’t scam! Do link building credibly to get desired results.

5. Use local SEO strategies:

If you are a local business, use local SEO strategies and your website will rank higher in the area where your business is based.

2. Generate Leads with Facebook ads

With more than two billion active users around the globe, Facebook is ranked as the most popular social media channel. Thus, you can find a wide range of prospective customers on Facebook.

Four ways for lead generation with Facebook ads:

Here are four proven ways to get more leads through Facebook ads

1. Offer something for free:

People like stuff that is offered free, so use this technique to grab attention of your prospective clients. Introduce your product or service for free through Facebooks ads and it will help you generate leads.

2. Pop the question:

The best leads generated through Facebook ads are the qualified leads. These are the prospective clients who are actively interested in making a purchase. To find such prospects, use your instant form on Facebook to ask qualifying questions.

3. Incorporate videos:

Video ads comprise a powerful way to promote your brand. Use videos along with lead ads to attract target audience. Place a power CTA (Call To Action) early on in the video to get desired results. Location of CTA matters a lot so place it at a perfect point n your video ad.

4. Include SMS Campaign:

People nowadays spend most of their times on phone and respond more to SMS as compared to email. A study found that response rate through SMS is three to four times higher than with the email. Including an SMS campaign to your lead generation strategy through Facebook will allow you to interact with people in a better way.

3. Generate Leads with Google ads

With Google Ads you can make your ads appear on search sites other than Google. From these sites you attract additional traffic to your site which ultimately helps you generate leads. To generate leads from Google Ads, use Lead form extensions. This form allows you to capture interest when prospective consumers are searching, or watching relevant content.

4 Tips for lead generation through Google Ads

Follow these tips to generate more leads from Google Ads:

  1. Implement Single Keyword Ad Groups
  2. For more relevant landing pages, use Dynamic Text Insertion
  3. Add the “Text Me” Ad Extension to your ads so that people could text you directly
  4. Geo-Target Your Google ads and you will be able to generate around 22% more leads

Final Word!

An effective digital marketing strategy plays a key role in increasing brand awareness and boosting sales through lead generation. If you have any questions about lead generation such as:

  • How to generate leads in Dubai?
  • How to find lead generation agency in Dubai?
  • What are the best mediums for lead generation?

or seeking the services of an experienced full-service digital marketing agency in Dubai, contact Icon Advertising and we will help you build a smart and competitive marketing strategy for your business.

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