Mercedes-Benz Actros Campaign

Scope of work
Advertising & Production

ICON Advertising was approached by Mercedes Benz Truck and Bus to create a campaign for the upcoming Eid and Ramadan season. The company wanted to promote its range of commercial vehicles to businesses and fleet owners in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Objective: The ICON team started by conducting market research to understand the target audience and their needs and preferences. They found that the key decision-makers for commercial vehicle purchases were often busy professionals who valued efficiency and reliability. Therefore, the team decided to focus on the practical benefits of Mercedes Benz's trucks and buses, such as their fuel-efficient engines and long-lasting durability.

Strategy: Next, the team developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included a range of tactics to reach the target audience. They designed print and online advertisements featuring the key benefits of Mercedes Benz's vehicles, and used social media platforms to share these ads and engage with potential customers. They also created a landing page on the Mercedes-Benz website where visitors could learn more about the vehicles and request a quote.

Execution: To drive traffic to the landing page, the ICON team ran a series of targeted digital advertising campaigns on Google and social media platforms. They also reached out to influencers in the transportation industry and offered them the opportunity to test drive the vehicles and share their experiences on their social media channels.

ResultsThe campaign was a success, with a significant increase in website traffic and inquiries from potential customers. Many of these leads turned into actual sales, resulting in a successful campaign for both Mercedes Benz and ICON Advertising.

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