Why Is It Important to Follow a Brand Style Guide for Your Business

by Icon Advertising LLC
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A brand style guide or a brand guide helps businesses of all sizes maintain their brand identity. It is created primarily to create a consistent content for brand marketing. With a well-thought-of brand style guide in place, your business can communicate a strong message to the prospective clients while ensuring consistency in use of brand elements.

What Is a Brand Style Guide?

Before moving on to importance of having a brand style guide, let's have a look at what exactly it is? A brand style guide is the visual identity of your business that helps prospective clients build a certain perception of what your business is all about. Following a brand style guide in Dubai allows you to have consistency across all your brand elements including colors, typography, visuals, and content.

Here are top 3 reasons why it is important to follow a brand style guide for your business in Dubai.

1. Ensures Consistency

A brand style guide ensures consistent use of the brand elements that make visual identity of your business. These elements include your logo design, website layout, business card, online ads, brochures etc. When you make a strong and consistent use of the brand elements, it speaks about your vision and mission and depicts strong personality of your business.

2. Builds Your Brand Identity

When you have a brand guide, it helps you maintain a high level of brand identity, making people recall your brand and identify it wherever they see a glimpse of it. It's not only the website and logo design that make people remember and recognize your business. You can also create unique business cards and brochures, using consistent patterns, and distribute them among target audience. This will help you in brand building. Apple brand is a true example of consistent, powerful style guide branding! Whenever you see a half-bitten apple, you recognize the brand. Create an identity of your brand through powerful branding and make people recall it.

3. Sends A Cohesive Message

When you use a specific theme across all visual identities of your brand including your logo design, brand website, business cards, and brochures, etc., they send a cohesive message to the target audience. If you hire services of a creative branding agency in Dubai, they can also refer to your brand style guide to create a consistent tone and message. 

Having a style guide also helps you save a lot of time and efforts of your designers and content creators when creating new visuals and content for marketing. 

What Does A Brand Guide Usually Contain?

Now that you know the importance of following a brand style guide for your business, here is a list of key elements that your style guide must have:

  • Logo – Your brand guide must have different versions of the logo of your company showing how it would appear for different usages. This would ensure that even if you use the logo differently, clients should still be able to identify that it represents your brand. You can also make it easier for customers by adding a tagline with the logo.
  • Graphic Elements – This includes a list imagery that your brand uses such as textures, patterns, symbols, photographs, wordmarks, or icons.
  • Color Palette – This includes a combination of colors that are used to create your brand design and other collateral.
  • Typography – Also, specify the typographic elements of your brand such as font families and font sizes that should be used or avoided
  • Website Styles – When creating the website for your brand, give the developers specific guidelines, including colors, font, CTA buttons etc., to ensure consistency across multiple webpages.

Bottom Line

A brand style guide is essential to help you keep your brand recognizable and consistent. Since the style guide plays a crucial role in maintaining your brand's identity, it’s advised to not rush through the process. Spend your time and resources to get it done right.

If you are seeking services of a creative marketing agency to help you create an effective brand style guide for your business in Dubai, contact Icon Advertising today and you would not be disappointed. To book an appointment with one of our brand style guide experts, call us now or fill the form below.

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