Top 6 Social Media Content Ideas for Small Brands

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Businesses of all sorts and sizes had to significantly modify their social media marketing plans during and post pandemic, amid a drastic shift from in-store shopping to online purchases. Importance of engaging social media content is increasing with every single passing day as more and more people are using digital channels to get product information.

If you wish to continuously engage your visitors and attract new followers, improvise your social media campaign with latest tactics and make frequent fresh posts. One of the biggest challenges that most small businesses face is continually creating fresh and interactive content for their digital marketing campaigns. Here are top 6 social media content ideas for small brands that will help you engage audience and increase organic traffic to your website.

1. Use Visual Assistance

Social media loves visuals, be it still photographs, a product video or be it an animation. Incorporate visuals in your social media content if you wish stand out from the rest. However, make sure you use high quality graphics capable of getting viewer’s attention.

Social media content with plain text is most likely to be scrolled down, while adding attractive graphics increases the chances of getting user attention more.

2. Short-Form Videos

Multiple content marketing surveys have shown that videos comprise the most-effective content format to engage audience and achieve desired marketing goals. Short-form videos, such as TikToks, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, are all getting maximum user engagement in the social media sphere.

If you have a stock of long-form videos, you can easily adjust them to shorter versions. There are a lot of video-editing tools available these days which you can use to either trim your long-form videos or convert them into a fast-forward version. To give you video creation some ideas for your small brands in Dubai, you can create and post short videos about product demos focused on key features and benefits, customer feedback, trends, and behind-the-scenes, etc.

3. Post Interactive Content

Another proven way to grab customers’ attention on social media is by posting interactive content, like polls, surveys and quizzes. Studies found that social media content for small brands in UAE that includes surveys and polls have a higher user engagement rate than plain, routine posts.

While creating a poll or survey, make sure your content contains questions related to your business. For example, you can start a poll comparing your various products. This way more and more people would get to know about your products. Besides, such a survey or poll will help you gather data which could be useful for your future marketing campaigns. Try to roll out at least one poll a week into your feeds.

4. Link Building with Instructographics

Instructographics, as the name suggests, are simple guides on how to do things, explained using animations and motion graphics. The best thing about them is they can explain difficult topics in simple and easy to understand way. You can make Instructographics on literally any topic you want, but they generally cover how-to guides and DIY tasks.

To make the most out of your Instructographics, embed them in your blog, or social media content and link back to your business website.

5. Make Time-Sensitive Posts

Posting time-sensitive content on your social media platforms offers a great way to keep your social media content on top. These short visuals have a shorter life span than other posts but get you maximum user engagement by influencing the audience’s fear to miss something interesting aka FOMO. For example, if you are planning to launch a new product, create short contest stories and post them on your Facebook or Instagram account, giving your users a chance to win the product. Make sure you post contest stories closest to the launch and open it for a shorter period (up to 24 hours) to tempt followers to participate in the contest.

6. Data-Informed Content

Another big trend small brands have been following is publishing data-informed content. When you back your information with interesting and easy to comprehend data, this helps you attract relevant visitors, who are really interested in the goods and services you are selling. Make sure you use multiple inputs such as direct user experience, customer feedback, sales trends etc. to narrate a great and complete story. Keep users in mind when creating data-informed content.

By creating and posting more and more data-focused content, you can attract more new followers, drive organic traffic, and maximize your online sales.

Some Additional Tips on Creating Engaging Social Media Content

1. Post product tutorials, as they often help sell more stuff than routine promotion posts

2. Re-share user-generated content, such as clients sending you their photos with your products

3. Post positive customer feedback in your stories and on your social media feed as well

4. You can also post third-party content relevant to the products and services you offer. However, don’t forget to give credits

5. Republishing your older posts, especially those with higher user engagement, is also a great way to attract followers to your small brands.

Final Word!

There is a long list of social media content ideas for small brands, but if you follow only those mentioned above, we guarantee you that your social media will see a sudden boost. It is not necessary that you try each one of these ideas, rather test different types of content and you will figure out which ones work for you and which ones don’t. Stick with what works, and figure out ways that those work even better.

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