Top 6 Benefits of YouTube Advertising for Your Business

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Are you struggling to get more traffic to your website? Is your bounce rate too high? Or, your social media campaigns don’t convert?

If your answer is yes, maybe you should give YouTube Advertising a try and see if it works. Using YouTube to market your business is a cost-effective way to grow your business online.

YouTube advertising means marketing your business through targeted videos as well as a variety of video ad formats available on YouTube. Your competitors are already using this platform to advertise their services and products. So, if you are not promoting your business on this platform you are missing a major chunk of potential customers.

Not sure if YouTube can help you promote your brand online? Here are 6 benefits of YouTube advertising for your business

1. YouTube advertising is economical

The biggest advantage of YouTube advertising is that it is budget-friendly. A typical ad view generally costs you between 0.5 cents and 1 cent, which is really cheap as compared to the cost of keyword search, which can run for $20 per click or more.

Not only are video views themselves relatively cheap, but, as with PPC ads, advertisers only pay when users choose to engage with the ads. Besides, YouTube advertising works the same ways as pay-per-click or PPC ads. In PPC advertising the advertiser pays to the publisher only when his/her ad is clicked on by someone. Same way, advertisers on YouTube only pay when users engage with the ads by clicking at them.

2. YouTube advertising is highly targeted

Another notable benefit of advertising your business on YouTube is that it allows target an extremely specific audience. It allows granular targeting of the audience by:

• Life events: Audience can be targeted on the basis of different life events they might have experienced recently, such as relocating, wedding, or having a baby etc.

• Topics: You can target different groups of customers based on their topics of interest.

• Affinity Audience: Reach your prospects by targeting those who have strong interest in your products or services.

• Demographics: You can reach clients based on their gender, age and location etc.

• Video Remarketing: Target users who have previously shown interest in your videos or YouTube ads

• Similar Audience: You can also use “Customer Match” data to reach prospective customers who typically show interest in advertisements like yours

In a nutshell, YouTube advertising helps you in targeting the population in both highly specific and general ways, based on the product you are aiming to sell.

3. It allows better interaction with the audience

If you are questioned about how you feel more connected with the brand, through a “video commercial” or by watching photographs of that product on a pamphlet or in a newspaper paper?

Your answer will be most likely in favor of the “video commercial” you watch on TV or internet.

This is because a video advertisement helps the customers understand the product or service being offered in a better way. It also allows the audience to get in close connection with the faces that represent that brand. That’s how YouTube video advertising proves fruitful to both advertisers and customers.

Besides, there are a variety of YouTube ad formats available that help you connect with the audience in a better and engaging way.

4. It is easy to measure YouTube advertising metrics:

If you are running a marketing campaign but you are not measuring its success rate, you are simply wasting time. Since you would not be able to assess which areas of the campaign could be improved.

YouTube offers a very simple way to analyze your performance. Simply click on the “Analytics” option in your YouTube account and you will be able to get a complete picture of your viewers and the performance of your videos.

To know details of your YouTube ads, such as views, costs, and budget, simply visit your Google Ads account.

5. It gives instant results

With over 2 billion end-user each month, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, it makes a fantastic marketing platform where you’ll see instant results.

Any video or ad run on YouTube reaches such a large audience around the globe within a short span of time. Presenting your product to such a large user base means getting:

• More ad clicks

• Increased website traffic, and

• Enhanced sales over time

For example, if you are using an email marketing strategy, you send emails to a limited number of customers, say only 10 customers. The result is only 10 people getting to know your brand and thus the rate of sales will also be less.

However, advertising on YouTube, with such a vast and diversified pool of users, guarantees faster results since your content will reach a lot more people.

6. You can repurpose YouTube videos

You can use YouTube content in a number of ways. For example, you can share the videos on your other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., to increase traffic and engagement.

Since videos attract people’s attention and have a higher retention power, YouTube videos offer an excellent way to catch prospective client’s attention and stay in their memories.

Additionally, sharing YouTube videos on other social media platforms offers a smart way to send back more traffic to your YouTube page and increase your subscribers.

Even if you have a specific choice of targets, still many more people will interact with your ad, as compared to the number of people that would do using other methods or platforms.

Final Words!

Are you also struggling to get your products and services in front of targeted customers? Or you can’t afford traditional advertising techniques, considering your small business? Try your luck with YouTube Advertising in Dubai.

The significance of video in online marketing has increased a lot in recent times. Therefore, more investment in better-quality video ads will prove a fruitful online marketing strategy. While YouTube advertising has a long list of benefits, businesses generally overlook it mostly because they are not confident about producing converting video content.

If you are also not sure if you can run a successful YouTube campaign, don’t worry. Icon Advertising can help you! Being one of the leading Digital marketing agencies in Dubai, we have YouTube Marketing experts to help you devise and even run a successful YouTube Marketing Strategy.

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