The Importance of Design in Your Marketing Efforts

by Icon Advertising LLC
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One study has found that social media posts with visual content and images deliver a 650% higher engagement rate than plain text posts. This speaks about the importance of incorporating design in your marketing efforts.

A visual design serves as a hidden force behind every successful branding and marketing campaign. The first impression that the visual design of your business makes, generally sticks in the minds of your prospective candidates for a long time.

With internet swamped with marketing campaigns of brands of all sorts and kinds, it is essential that you incorporate a good design into your traditional marketing practices to stand out among competitors. Here are top three reasons why you should incorporate design in your marketing campaign.

1. It can influence client perception

When you think of leading brands around the globe, the first thing comes to your mind is mostly their logo, their custom color scheme or the unique text styles and fonts. And it is not a coincidence at all. These brands had invested a lot of time and effort into developing the ideal logo with perfect color scheme and font styles.

Psychological studies have shown that people perceive different colors differently. While some colors can trigger emotions of sadness or excitement, others increase your appetite. Some colors also give viewers feeling of warmth or coldness. Our graphic designers use these color schemes when creating a design for your brand to help you convey your message more effectively to the masses.

2. It differentiates your brand from the crowd

With so many business offering the same product online, it is crucial that your brand stands out among the competitors and there is no better way than having an exceptional design based on user psychology. To create a design that raises the visibility of your marketing campaigns

Have you ever been attracted by the targeted Facebook ads or other social media ads and ended up clicking those ads? If yes, what was it that made you click on the ad? Most probably it was the thumbnail image or design that caught your attention. Relevancy of the topic might have further prompted you to click on that particular ad. Had it been otherwise, you might have kept scrolling. So, this is how design differentiates your brand from the crowd.

3. It makes your marketing campaign visible

A well thought design describing your brand through colors and fonts increases the chances of your campaign getting noticed. No matter how strong your marketing strategy is, if it is not backed by strong visual content, it is not going to make a strong impact. And this is where the role of design kicks in. As discussed earlier, a design helps your marketing campaign stand out among competitors, helping it get the right traction. A great design makes it easier for the audience to understand the information and relate to it.

* Tip: The design should not only capture attention but also be able to hold it and prompt the audience to click on it.

4 Tips for Better Design

There is a lot more involved in creating a great design than just designing a logo and applying different variations and color schemes until it catches your eye.

Here are four tips to create a great design.

  1. Take your time: Planning and creating a good design takes time. They are not just made by chance. Familiarize yourself with the brand and its prospective customers, and support it with an effective SEO strategy and strong content.
  2. Hire a professional designer: If you really wish to create a design that delivers, it is strongly recommended to hire services of a professional designer. While playing with Adobe Photoshop may seem fun and simple, but only a good designer can help you have the perfect design that delivers.
  3. It is not about the looks alone: While the appearance of your design does play a crucial role in attracting prospects, it is not always about how it looks and feels like. There are several other factors as well that you must incorporate for better user experience. And only a professional graphic designer knows that.
  4. Keep your target audience in mind: The end user should be the primary inspiration when creating a design. When you visualize your design the way your target audience sees it, only then you can better determine what would make it stand out.

Final word!

While a good design helps strengthen your brand's call to action, a great design makes your audience act according to the call. If you are looking for some great designs to help boost your marketing efforts contact Icon Advertising today. We are the leading graphic design agency in Dubai with in-house team of highly skilled graphic designers who understand the power of design. We have helped some of the best brands in UAE in creating eye-catching designs. If you are looking for creative design agency in Dubai then contact Icon Advertising.

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