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(PPC) Pay Per Click is one of the best advertising platforms offered by Google to market your services or products to your prospective customers. It is one of the most in-demand advertising mediums for being highly effective to generate leads, increasing sales and brand awareness. PPC can be more effective if managed by a specialist PPC Agency in Dubai. Although with this platform the advertiser has to pay only for results like clicks to a website or calls to your business. With pay per click each and every click is very important as with every click a certain amount is deducted from the advertiser budget. To make sure the campaigns should provide the highest ROI,  it is crucial to partner with the best PPC Agency in Dubai. 

A good pay-per-click agency in Dubai knows the technicalities when setting up a PPC campaign. If you are looking to get the most out of your PPC budget then make sure: 

  • Your PPC campaign is well structured
  • Your PPC campaign is targeting the right audience
  • Your PPC campaign has enough budget
  • Your PPC campaign is targeting the right keywords
  • The campaign has all the extensions and the ad copies are written in a creative way
  • Your Pay per click campaign CTR is high and the quality score is good
  • The conversion rate of your PPC campaign is high
  • Your PPC agency has used negative keywords wisely to stop showing your ads for irrelevant searches.

There are many factors to analyse when creating a PPC plan such as Budget distribution, location targeting, audience selection, demographics, how many campaigns, What type of campaigns. As a top-rated Google Ads Agency in Dubai, we offer below campaigns for sales, lead generation, and brand awareness:

  • Google Ads Search Campaign
  • Google Ads Display Campaign
  • Google Ads Shopping Campaign
  • Google Ads Re-targeting Campaign
  • Google Ads Store Visit Campaign
  • Google Ads Video Campaign
  • Google ads App Campaign

Keywords research with Google keywords planner

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Keywords are the key to any successful campaign. If you are bidding on the wrong keywords then it means you are throwing money blindly. Lets say you are selling boy sneakers and targeting girls sneakers then the whole campaign will fail and will result in nothing.  We conduct thorough keywords research using Google keywords planner and other tools. 

Trusted Google Ads Agency in Dubai

We are a reliable Google ads company in Dubai. We analyze competitors and write engaging ad copies. The campaign will be having all the applicable extensions making your ad compelling. The next major thing is the audience. Targeting the right audience is crucial. If you target the wrong audience then this will be a total waste of money. As a top Google AdWords Agency in Dubai, we do research negative keywords to prevent the ads showing for irrelevant searches and to prevent money waste from your account. Our PPC experts in Dubai will closely monitor your campaigns once they are live and will make necessary adjustment to the bids, keywords and make sure you will get the most out of your Google ads campaigns.

Affordable PPC Services in Dubai

If you are looking for low-cost PPC Agency in Dubai, then you are at the right place. We have a team of highly qualified Google ads specialists in Dubai. We have generated huge revenue for our clients with a minimum spend. We have reduced the CPC and increased the conversion rate for clients with large-scale budgets. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai, we create, optimise & manage SEO/ SEM campaigns for small to large multinational organizations. We are highly expert in creating and optimising Google Ads, Facebook/ Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Snapchat Ads, Tiktok Ads, Twitter Ads,  SEO (On-page and Off-page), Local SEO, eCommerce SEO, PPC Campaigns. Contact us today for a quote.

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