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Are you seeking an effective marketing strategy to promote your luxury brands in Dubai? You have landed in the right place. You will definitely need the services of the best luxury marketing agency in Dubai. Here you will get to know some effective marketing tips to promote your luxury brand in the online world as well as information about some of the top luxury marketing agencies in Dubai. Studies have found that the group of prospective customers found online is way bigger than the group of people you attract in physical stores. Therefore, if you wish to promote your brand among masses, it is crucial to have a strong online presence. For a great online presence then definitely you will need the services of a good luxury marketing agency in Dubai.

Benefits of digital marketing for luxury brands

Before moving on to the marketing tips for luxury brands, let’s have a look at 5 benefits of digital marketing for luxury brands:

  • It allows you to reach global marketplace
  • It has lower marketing and advertising costs
  • You can keep real-time track of your performance and market activity
  • Digital marketing allows for increased communication and engagement with customers
  • By targeting prospective candidates, you can reach the right customers and ultimately increase your lead conversion

Now as you have gotten a fair idea of the power of online presence, let’s dive deep into top 7 marketing tips for luxury brands.

1. Define your goals to market your luxury brand in UAE

Start by defining your business goals clearly. Setting goals helps you introduce your business more effectively in digital space. Most luxury brands also start by setting marketing goals because this helps them measure their performance. Marketing objective can vary from business to business but these three marketing goals are applicable to almost every luxury brand:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Drive traffic more to the website

2. Create your luxury brand website

 What could be a better way to define your luxury brand than creating a well functioning website that combines style with user experience? Create a stylish website for your brand that is also intuitive, easy to use and highly functional. Also, make sure your website is compatible to use on different gadgets, especially smart-phones and tabs. A great looking, SEO friendly and responsive website could be the first step to market your luxury brand in Dubai.

3. Benefit from visual social networks to advertise your luxury brand

If you wish to raise awareness and advocacy of your luxury brand, make best use of visual social networks to connect with prospective clients. Social media provides the right platform to inspire and connect with potential customers. People aspire to wear designer clothes, drive luxury vehicles and adorn something exclusive. Make sure your product appears on as much visual social networks as possible. As one of the best luxury marketing companies in Dubai, Icon Advertising will make the best use of social network sites to promote your luxury brand in Dubai and all-across the Gulf.

Understand the demographics of your potential customers and then market your luxury brand on right visual social networks. If your target audience falls in late teens or early twenties, Instagram and Snapchat may be ideal platform for you. Similarly, if your potential customers are 25 years or above, then Pinterest and Facebook may do. Also you can target specific geographic areas with social media paid ads such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah etc to promote your luxury brand.

4. Create and follow a schedule

It is also recommended to create and follow a schedule for managing your social media activity. Decide a schedule, like you wish to make social media posts on daily basis or on a weekly basis. Follow that schedule for some time (at least a month) and clearly monitor the trends. For example, you may find that posting later in the day get more views than early morning. Or going live on Saturday night gets maximum engagement. Based on trends, define your social media strategy and you will end up getting guaranteed results for your luxury brands in Dubai.

5. Have an effective user engagement strategy

No social media campaign can be effective without engaging with target audience. As is evident from the name, social media networks are designed to socialize with people. To increase user engagement create interactive visual content that will help you grab user attention. People want to speak directly to their favorite luxury brands and what could be a better place than their social media spaces. Studies have shown that if you would not engage with your prospects in digital space, there are over 30% chances that they will try to connect with your competitors. Interacting with users on social media platforms, you build genuine relationships that go a long way.

6. Keep track of your progress

Once you have defined your business goals, decided the social media platforms to market your business and finalized the schedule, it is the time to start your marketing campaign with full threshold. But only posting on social media is not enough, rather it is important that you keep track of your performance. There are several online tools available to keep a track of metrics. You can also use analytics systems of social media platforms to measure assess your social media performance.

Google Analytics can also help you track digital marketing performance metrics, such as:

  • Number of clicks
  • Reach and impressions
  • User engagement
  • Number of posts

By knowing these metrics, you can better analyze the areas where your target audience is active and how they go through the sales funnel.

7. Learn the latest marketing trends and techniques

Digital marketing for luxury brands in UAE is evolving at a fast pace and you have to be familiar with all. To grow your business in the fast paced digital space, learn and follow the latest marketing trends. By pulling the data for key metrics, you get a fair idea of your strengths and opportunities. When you learn and adapt new social media strategies, you:

  • Get more clicks
  • Get to reach a wider audience,
  • Create better impressions, and
  • Encourage engagement

Final word:

By following the tips stated above, you should be able to create a highly effective marketing strategy for luxury brands in Dubai

If you are seeking a professional help to create and implement an effective social media marketing strategy for luxury brands in Dubai, contact Icon Advertising, the specialist luxury marketing agency in Dubai today. Icon Advertising has launched highly successful marketing campaigns for some of the leading luxury brands in Dubai. Our team will review your existing digital marketing strategy and help you boost brand awareness. Our luxury marketing services include:

  • SEO for luxury brands
  • Social Media marketing for luxury brands
  • Digital marketing for luxury brands
  • Content creation for luxury brands
  • Graphic design for luxury brands
  • Branding for luxury brands and more

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