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If you are running an eCommerce business or planning to start an online store  in 2023 then definitely you will need a comprehensive eCommerce SEO strategy. Moreover, if your target market is UAE then a trusted eCommerce SEO agency in Dubai can help you achieve your marketing goals. SEO is the backbone of every business whether new or old. A good SEO plan can bring the right traffic to your website and can result in an increase in sales and revenue. To get the maximum benefits of search engine optimisation for your online store your business needs the services of a good SEO agency. A trusted eCommerce SEO company can create a good SEO plan and will use ethical SEO techniques to increase the organic ranking of the keywords you want to target. 

What is eCommerce SEO?

An eCommerce SEO is a process of increasing the ranking of the keywords related to your business at the top of search engine result pages. The SEO process involves several steps from keywords research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, etc. The question is how it works. Let's say your website is selling home furniture in Dubai and if someone searches “dining table” then if your dining table page has good SEO it will appear at the top of the search pages. Once the searcher clicks he or she will be redirected to the specific page with dining tables and will buy from you and ultimately you will get a sale. 


The best part of SEO is that it doesn’t matter how many clicks your website will get they won’t cost you any penny as compared to pay-per-click advertising where you have to pay for every click. 

Below are the best practices for an eCommerce website SEO in 2023.

eCommerce keywords research:

Keywords research is the first step towards a successful eCommerce SEO. Make sure you are targeting the right keywords. Only keywords related to the products that you are selling can bring you quality traffic and can result in conversions. Your eCommerce SEO agency should know which keywords to target. It's always a great idea to target long-tail keywords first.  Let's say a person who is interested in buying a dell laptop is searching for a specific model. The search could be “dell core i7 laptop price” so it's great thinking to target this type of keywords rather than going for short tail such as “laptop”. 

How to find the right keywords:

There are many ways to find the best keywords related to your products. One of the tools is Google keywords planner. Using this tool you can find different keywords ideas, their search volume and competition, and many more factors. There are many tools available for free and paid for keywords research such as Semrush, WordStream, Ahrefs, and more.

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If you type your desired keyword into the Google search box then Google will suggest different options to choose from. This way you will get different long-tail keywords ideas to put into your eCommerce SEO strategy. Below is an example of Google autosuggestion:

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Good eCommerce Site Architecture:

One of the main factors in eCommerce SEO is website architecture. An eCommerce website could consist of many categories, sub-categories the reason why it is important to plan how should be the flow. How should be the navigation? Where to put the main categories. How to organize the subcategories. Keep in mind:

  • Group together relevant products
  • Create highly relevant page URLs and subdirectories using keywords.
  • Make it simple and there should be no more than 3 clicks to other pages.

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eCommerce on-page SEO:

When we talk about on-page SEO for eCommerce it means we will discuss the key changes we make to the website itself. In on-page or onsite SEO, we make sure that the Homepage, primary category pages, sub-category pages, product pages all have been optimized for specific keywords. Below are the key elements to focus on when optimizing the landing pages:

  • The page title has the keyword we are targeting
  • The headline has the keyword
  • The page content has the keyword and relevant phrases
  • The image name is the same as the targeted keyword
  • Image alt tag has been named correctly as the targeted keyword
  • The page URL contains the focused keyword
  • The internal links pointing to the page has same keywords as anchor text
  • Its also recommended putting some text above the products in the product category pages.
  • Its highly recommended to start writing blogs related to the product topics.
  • The meta description should have the keyword. Although this is not a ranking factor but it can increase the CTR.

eCommerce SEO Audit:

While creating an eCommerce SEO strategy it is crucial to have an SEO audit plan in place. In this phase, the website will go through a technical SEO audit phase in which certain elements will be checked if those are correctly implemented. The eCommerce SEO specialist will check many things which can affect the website performance in organic ranking. Below is the checklist of things to keep in mind while performing an SEO audit:

Before starting the technical SEO audit you should have access to some free and paid tools such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Copyscape

During SEO audit the eCommerce SEO specialist will make sure:

  • If the Google analytics code is correctly installed.
  • The website has been added to the Google Search console
  • The website is crawlable
  • The loading time is fast enough
  • Check for broken links
  • Missing alt tags and description tags
  • Duplicate content
  • Only one version of the website is browsable
  • The website has SSL certificate installed and working
  • The heading tags are correctly placed

Run an SEO report with screaming frog and you will get an excel containing the issues which required to be fixed.

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Internal Linking for eCommerce website:

Internal linking is one of the best practices in eCommerce SEO. It can reduce the bounce rate as the user will spend more time on the website by exploring different pages on the website. It can also increase the page rank of the most important pages. Interlinking relevant pages can help improve eCommerce SEO.

eCommerce off-page SEO:

Once the on-page changes have been done the next important phase is to get relevant backlinks. Google uses backlinks as a vote. Landing pages with more quality backlinks rank higher in SERPs. Guest blogging on relevant blogs or just finding the competitors backlinks using Ahrefs and other tools and then getting backlinks from those sources can improve the page rank. Make sure the backlinks are relevant and high quality. Only quality and relevant backlinks can help and low-quality links can even harm the website.

Monitoring the eCommerce SEO performance:

eCommerce SEO can of course increase traffic to the website and can increase sales and revenue.  It's always a great idea to monitor the performance and keep an eye on the inbound traffic. There are many tools available to analyze the performance but two of them are very popular offered by Google are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

 Google Analytics: 

With Google Analytics, we can keep track of the incoming traffic. How many visitors are coming organically and what is the bounce rate. What are the best-performing landing pages? What are the main sources of traffic? 

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Google Search Console:

With Google Search Console we can keep track of any technical issues if the website is having any. What are the search phrases? How many clicks and impressions, CTR, average position. Also, we can submit an XML sitemap in the Google search console. We can keep track of pages with issues, manual actions, security issues, and much more.

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To get high-quality traffic for increasing sales and revenue, your website will require a solid eCommerce SEO strategy. To accomplish this task your website will require the services of a good eCommerce SEO agency. At Icon Advertising, we have a team of eCommerce SEO Specialists who know the technicalities of eCommerce SEO. If you are looking for local SEO targeting only UAE then being the leading eCommerce SEO agency in Dubai we can help you achieve your marketing goals at an affordable cost. We can also help if you want to target bigger markets and can create a tailor-made eCommerce SEO strategy for international SEO. If you have any questions related to e-commerce SEO such as:

  • How much does an e-commerce SEO cost in Dubai
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  • SEO for ecommerce product pages
  • E commerce SEO checklist
  • Best ecommerce SEO Agency in Dubai

or have any other eCommerce SEO questions? Let’s talk.

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