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If you are also struggling to create an impact on your target groups, incorporate 3D modeling in your marketing campaign and see the difference. 3D modeling is the hottest advertisement strategy of modern times. Brands of all sizes are increasingly incorporating 3D models in their marketing campaigns due to visual impact it can have on target customers. Icon Advertising offers 3d modeling services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and all-across the Gulf.

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is a graphics technique used to create a three-dimensional digital representation if of any object or surface using special software. The representation created through this technique is called a 3D model. 3D models are not only used for creating three-dimensional representations of existing objects but also to create an image of buildings and objects that have not been yet built in real life.

Why 3D advertising?

Studies have found that 3D advertising has a higher retention rate as compared to 2D imagery. That’s why this latest advertising technique has penetrated so much into the contemporary advertising model that almost every business, regardless of its nature and size, is integrating 3D designs in their ads to make their products look more appealing and attractive.

The conventional marketing campaign uses simple pictures of products, which start looking boring in a few days. But when you use 3D models in your advertisements, you target audience get a complete concept of the product in terms of how exactly it product looks and feels. This way, the ads become more impactful, ultimately helping you increase the leads and strengthen the sales.

Benefits of 3D modeling

1. It helps create a powerful advertisement campaign

A 3D product animation is not for your customers only. A three-dimensional visualization also gives your entire team, from managers to sales team a comprehensive idea about how the product in making looks like. This way the team comes up with powerful advertisement ideas, which you can share with your service provider and mould your existing marketing strategy accordingly.

2. It helps you develop a customized product model

When you get a 3D image of product in making, you get a better idea if this is exactly what you want your product to look like. Based on basic 3D model, you can customize your product any scenario. For example, you can get the design custom-tailored for a product launch campaign, seasonal campaigns, sales offers, or any other product modification. In short, incorporating 3D imagery in your marketing campaign can help you get closer to the target audience. You can even create a narrative thread, which play a key role in making a campaign successful.

3. It allows you create feature-rich visuals

Integrating 3D models in your promotional product makes an effective way to make it attractive and seek the attention of your prospects since it gives them a clearer picture of the features of the product you want to sell them. A feature-rich 3D model can be more useful for your business than a conventional promotional image as the former makes people curious about your product and they want to explore it more. Additionally, you have more customization options when it comes to presenting your product to target group. Choose the right features based on your target audience’s psychology and see your product leading the market.

4. Present the model using white background

White background has proven quite successful in product presentation lately. You can easily and successfully present your 3D rendering on a white background. Discuss with your service provider your idea of white background and they will develop the model accordingly. The computer-generated designs give customers all the details about the product, including it shape, size, color, texture, and volume.

5. Make less photogenic products more attractive

Businesses are using CG imagery to present less photogenic products in a more powerful way. These include frozen food items, processed and canned foods, fresh vegetables etc. Using CG images allows you to avoid expensive yet complicated photo shoots. A three dimensional rendering creates a more powerful impact on prospects. You can also use 3D images to advertise household appliances, especially those that are not much camera-friendly.

Bottom Line

To conclude, after seeing a three dimensional representation, target customers can visualize your product in a better way. This makes it more likely for your prospects to make purchases.

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