Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Market Your Business in 2023

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have become key marketing tools of the contemporary marketing strategy. While businesses use these platforms to increase brand awareness and boost their sales, the consumers use them to find and engage with their favorite brands.

There are several social media channels that businesses and consumers are using to connect. But most businesses can’t use them all simultaneously, especially small companies with a limited marketing budget.

Even if your business can afford to be on multiple social media platforms, prefer quality over quantity. Choose a few social media channels and work to build a strong presence on them.

The key to successful social media marketing is choosing the right social media channel for your company.

Factors Affecting Your Social Media Platform Selection:

Several factors influence your choice when deciding which social media platform you should use. These include:

  • Your industry
  • Your target audience
  • Your competitors
  • Your social media marketing goal

The social media platforms you use can play a major role in your social media marketing success. That’s why it is important that you strategically choose which social media channel you should use to market your business.

Below, we have listed the Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Market your Business in 2021. Give them a quick read and decide which one will work best for you during these pandemic times.


  • Monthly users: Over 2billion
  • Users by age and gender: Men and women, ages 18–65 years or older

With over two billion active users all across the world, Facebook is ranked as the most popular social media platform. With such a broad user base, you can find almost anyone in your customer base on Facebook. This is what makes it the top-ranked social media site for businesses.

If you come up with a well-planned social media marketing strategy, you can easily convert these prospective customers into a community.

Some of the tips you can follow for successful marketing on Facebook include:

  • Advertising lucrative deals on your products and services
  • Sharing posts that interest your customers
  • Going live on Facebook to have interactive sessions with your followers
  • Making videos of behind-the-scenes looks of your company/ brand and sharing on Facebook
  • Contests, questions, interesting videos, and other short posts really help to promote your account

It does not take much time but can give you lasting results. Once you upload some video or photo on your page, you can start reaching out to prospective customers to follow your account.

Text posts also help attract followers but they don’t work as well as visual content. But this does not mean you should not post text updates at all. You can use such posts to keep your followers informed.

As stated above, you can always use your Facebook to promote new deals and promotions to get visitors to your site. This will help increase organic traffic to your website.


  • Number of monthly users: over 1 billion
  • Users by age and gender: Men and women, ages 18–64

Instagram is a relatively newer social media network. If you are a brand or company targeting a young audience, Instagram is probably the perfect platform for you.

You can share both photos and short videos on this channel. A small amount of text, called the caption, is added to briefly describe the visual content. The best thing about Instagram is that you can integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts with it. This means, whatever you will post on your Instagram account will appear on the integrated account as well.

This social media site has a bigger following in urban areas with most of its users being youth under 25. According to a survey, 72% of teenagers and 67% of young adults under 30 have Instagram accounts. This is why fashion and digital tech companies generally run a more successful campaign on Instagram as compared to construction or agro companies.

Besides, being a trendy company, you have to be a little more creative with your content and posts to be successful on Instagram. If you think being creative with photos and videos can be a bit challenging for you, Icon Advertising can help you with this challenge. We have a team of social media marketing experts who can help you make the most out of your Instagram business account.


  • Number of monthly users: over 1.9 billion
  • Users by age and gender: Men and women, ages 18–65 and older

YouTube is without any doubt the best social media platform you can use to advertise your business. Not only that it has a broader user base, just behind Facebook, it is also the second-largest search engine after Google.

So, by being on YouTube, you do not have the ability to target a broader audience, but you can also reach people searching for brands or services or your kind.

You can use this platform to promote your brand through product reviews and videos tutorials. Once you create and upload a video on YouTube, it is automatically linked with the Google search engine.

The best thing about YouTube is that people of all ages use it, including 85% of teenagers and 38% of people above 65.

The top 3 benefits of YouTube include:

  1. You can reach a wider audience across the globe
  2. You can promote videos on other social media accounts, like a Facebook page
  3. You can also use it for search engine optimization (SEO)


  • Number of users: over 200 million users daily
  • Users by age and gender: Male and female, ages 13–35 years

Snapchat is one of the top 15 social media channels. It is extremely popular among Millennials. So, if you plan to target people under 35, Snapchat can be an ideal marketing tool.

Businesses and marketers are using it as an effective way to connect with a new audience and promote their brand in real-time.

Here are tips to make the most out of your Snapchat marketing:

  • Use Snapchat Stories to engage your target audience
  • Use Snapchat Takeover to let influencers promote your brand
  • If you have a physical store, engage customers by asking them to share in-store experiences using Snapchat Geofilters. (You can also create your own geofilter)
  • You can also use Snapchat’s Ads Manager to advertise your brand


  • Monthly users: around 700 million
  • Users by age and gender: Male and Female, ages 10–50 years or older

Are you planning to make TikTok part of your digital marketing strategy? Then go ahead. TikTok is another trending app that many are using to market their businesses online.

The app provides an opportunity to connect with your prospects in a new, fun, and engaging way. It offers a wide range of adoptions and is also taking extra measures to ensure safe usage of the platform.

Using TikTok to promote your brand is quite easy and simple.

  • Create a channel for your brand and post relevant videos
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote your content
  • You can also make use of paid ads on TikTok. It’s a relatively new campaign though.

On TikTok, you can primarily make videos up to 15 seconds long. However, you can connect multiple short clips for up to 60 seconds.

The app also allows its users to upload longer videos that have been recorded outside the app. It also has a live-streaming option and an array of filters and tools to enhance your video presentation.

Bottom Line!

Are you still not sure which social media platforms are best to promote your business in 2023? No worries. Icon Advertising, the leading social media agency in Dubai can help you. Contact us now and our social media marketing team will help you formulate and implement an effective social media management strategy. We offer result-oriented social media marketing services to businesses in UAE as well Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and all-across the Gulf.

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