9 Benefits of Video Ads for Brand Awareness

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Are you struggling to make people click on your ads? May be it’s time to shift to video ads to promote brand awareness and boost conversions.

Psychological studies have found that humans tend to have longer attention spans for visual content than text. And among visual advertisement techniques, video advertising comprises the most powerful medium that allows businesses to communicate directly with their audience.

Internet users spend most of their online time watching videos. This fact made business invest more in video ads. 92% of B2B prospective consumers watch online videos before making a purchase decision.

If you are also confused if investing in video advertising would be the right decision or not, stop wondering. To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of 9 benefits of video ads for brand awareness. Read on to know why you must choose video marketing over other advertising techniques.

1- Customers prefer watching videos

The number of people watching videos on mobile phones has increased exponentially over the past few years, as the users can watch videos anywhere and everywhere. That’s why the ratio of mobile users watching video ads on their devices is more as compared to those watching ads on TV.

Did you know over 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube? And the number is doubling every year. According to one survey, a rise of 400% was seen in mobile video consumption, between the years 2012 and 2014.

Thus, if you wish to reach a broader audience and make them really know your brand; invest in quality video ads for brand awareness. Your targeted customers are fond of watching videos and about one-third of customers purchase product after viewing its video advertisement.

2. Video ads increase conversion rate

When it comes to increasing conversion rate, Video ads deliver fast, impressive results. Studies found that chances of customers buying a product increase by 35% when a brand uses video ads for marketing.

Another report claimed that a business site with video ads can experience up to 80% an increase in conversions. This is because videos provide better insight of your brand through clear demonstration, thus converting major portion of your leads into potential customers.

According to one survey, about 90% of customers admitted that when buying a product, video ads help them in making a buying decision, while around 74% of the users who watch a product video actually make the purchase.

3. Videos are easy to digest

It is said that, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But, a video is even a better way to communicate your message.

  • Captivating video ads will help you to engage your target audience effectively.
  • Adding videos to website can significantly increase website performance levels, including lead generation and click-through rates and conversions.
  • Your visitors don’t have time to read paragraphs after paragraphs to understand features of your product.
  • Videos make it easier to understand processes and procedures even after they are seen only once.
  • Video ads lead to better retention and prospects respond to visuals far more quickly as compared to text.

4. Efficient for search engine optimization (SEO):

Needless to say that Google favors video based content in the rankings, because of the fact that it owns YouTube.

Besides Google, other search engine companies also prioritize video content, and present sites with video ads higher on the rankings page. It is found that landing pages with quality videos posted on them are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of the Google search results.

Thus making creative video ads for your brand and sharing them on your business site increases the chances of your target audience landing on your website when searching for the related information. This would eventually help promote your business online.

5. Video ads improve brand trust and awareness

High-quality video ads comprise the best way to increase brand trust and awareness. One study shows that if a customer finds your video ads appealing, their chances of buying the product increase by 97%. Even if they don’t buy the product, their awareness about your brand boosts by 139%.

In the past, companies used TV commercials to promote brand awareness.

Now online video ads are used to serve the same purpose. In fact, video ads help you create an even more connected and trusted relationship with your customers.

Another reason why video marketing helps build consumer trust is that after seeing the product in video with their eyes they don’t have the fear of getting scammed. Therefore, they make online purchase with confidence.

6. Video marketing is a profitable investment:

Marketing strategies involving video ads comprise a profitable investment in the long run.

You may require services of the best Digital Ads Agency in Dubai to produce high quality, converting video ads for your business. But once the video ads hit your site and social media, the increase in conversion rates would prove to be a good Return on investment (ROI).

If you can’t afford hiring services of a professional video ads agency, you can always make videos from your smartphones. The advanced technology available in cell phones has made this even easier to produce excellent videos and thus this proves to be extra efficient and cost effective with even higher ROI.

7. Video ads are less time consuming

In this fast-paced world, people do not have much time to read long product descriptions. Rather they would simply watch a quick 3-minute video demonstration of your competitor and may get convinced to make a purchase.

As the video ads make complete use of audio and visual elements they appeal multiple senses making them easy to comprehend by the user. That is why people prefer them over lengthy blogs, articles and product descriptions written for promotional purposes.

8. Videos are more informative:

With the help of video advertising, you can provide more information to the prospects in shorter period of time as compared to text or other conventional branding techniques.

As videos are more engaging to our senses, users can grab onto much more information when you are visually showing the product and simultaneously explaining its features.

Be simple yet creative when making your video ads. Convey your message in an entertaining way that resonates with your target customer’s choice and demands.

9. Videos get more popular on Social Media:

Social media users love sharing the content they find interesting. Videos are amongst the most shared form of content on digital marketing platforms.

Any video that is approved by a greater audience goes viral on social media channels in no time. This peaks about the importance of video ads in your marketing campaign. Considering the growing demand for video content, social media platforms have added the latest features for posting videos such as Twitter’s periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live etc.

What you must keep in mind when creating a video ad is that the content of your video should be unique, entertaining and informative. Make sure it helps improve brand awareness among masses and brings traffic to your site.

Choosing the best video ads agency:

With an effective video advertisement strategy, you can grab the attention of a wider pool of prospective customers. But making a video to promote your brand is not as easy as it may sound. We suggest you to hire the services of a video production company to make quality video ads. Statistics have shown that when you add video content to your marketing campaign, it drastically increases online conversion rates and brand awareness among consumers. Thus, investing in video marketing is worth the expenses.

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