7 reasons why your business needs Digital marketing than ever before

by Icon Advertising LLC
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We are living in an era in which businesses are relying more on online traffic than the traffic on roads.

Fighting relentlessly with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, we are in the midst of one of the most challenging times in a century. With physical distancing and self-isolation practices imposed, physical stores have been forced to close, bringing a halt to the traditional business and shopping practices.

This disruption has made both the businesses as well as the consumers realize that shopping in a physical store is not always possible and even necessary. More and more people are switching to e-commerce transactions. Even those who were previously reluctant to purchase goods and services online are now moving to “digital shopping.”

This has also made businesses realize that if they are not findable on the internet, they will probably become obsolete in the digital world. After realizing the power of e-commerce most companies are redesigning their business models and more and more businesses are formulating Digital Marketing Strategies.

Their sales and marketing departments are learning to use new techniques and technologies to run email marketing campaigns, create digital brochures and newsletters, and connect with end-user virtually through social media and other online platforms.

The traditional sales and marketing techniques were already on a decline over the past decade or so. This pandemic proved to be almost the last nail in the coffin, exposing many businesses’ vulnerabilities.

In addition, people nowadays prefer convenience over anything else. And what can be more convenient than finding your favorite products on your smartphone while sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee in hand? The trend of online shopping was further accelerated after the Covid19 crisis forced physical stores to down their shutters overnight.

With online activities becoming more relevant and necessary for the functioning of society, digital marketing is becoming essential for the success of your business, regardless of its size and niche. Millions and millions of people have already transitioned to online shopping. Therefore, businesses must ensure they are digitally findable and accessible to potential customers.

The sooner you adapt to these marketing changes the higher the growth and success chance your business will have.

What is digital marketing?

Wondering what is Digital marketing? Well, it refers to attaining marketing goals by utilizing modern digital techniques and media.

Digital techniques and media used to promote businesses online include:

  • Company websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media pages
  • Search Engines
  • Online Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Digital Partnerships with other digital companies

Top 7 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Besides being the need of the hour, digital marketing has several other benefits as well for your business. Read on to know the top 7 benefits of digital marketing.

1. Affordability

Digital marketing is relatively less expensive than traditional marketing methods. The cost of services may vary depending upon the digital marketing agency in Dubai you hire, but it would be cheaper than other forms of marketing.

2. Easy Access round the clock

With most of your targeted audience owning a smartphone, you have a chance to sell them your products and services almost any time of the day.

Besides, with marketing techniques like social media, email marketing, and remarketing ads, you can reach your prospective customers while they are using other apps on their phones.

3. Flexibility

There are several tools and techniques that you can make use of to run a successful digital marketing campaign. These include banner ads, email copywriting, content marketing, and social media posts and pages.

You have the flexibility of selecting which technique or combination of techniques you want to use to creatively market yourself. Also, you get real-time performance data about these tools. So, you can stop poorly performing techniques in real-time.

4. Expansion

With digital marketing, you can expand the reach of your brand without opening another physical store in a new location.

With “fingertip shopping” getting more and more popular with every single day passing, you can expand your brand awareness and boost sales right from your smartphone or laptop.

Simply invest a little more in Google ads and brand recognition campaigns on social media platforms and start reaping benefits in real-time.

5. Multimedia

Studies have shown that customers are attracted more towards the marketing materials with visuals — photos, video clips, and audio. With Digital Marketing you can incorporate all these content types in your brand awareness campaigns.

6. Interactivity

Digital marketing allows you to communicate directly with your potential clients. You can keep an eye on who is seeing your content and how many of them are converting.

Also, you get real-time feedback about your services and products through website messages, reviews, and comments on social media posts. This gives invaluable information on the choices and preferences of your prospective customers.

You can also use all these platforms to communicate with your targeted audience to make them feel that you care about them.

7. Tracking

Besides communicating with potential customers, digital marketing allows you to monitor their activities as well. You can track which ads and types of content they have seen shortly before making a purchase.

This way you can get a fair idea of which marketing techniques are generating more leads. You can use this data to redefine and improve your marketing strategy.

To summarize the Benefits of Digital Marketing for your business:

It costs you less and offers higher flexibility and reward for your marketing efforts

It offers real-time access to potential consumers relying on online shopping from phones

You get an opportunity to incorporate multiple types of media in your marketing campaigns

You can track customers’ activity as well as purchasing trends

You can go live on different social media platforms to speak with authorities with potential customers

That said, the biggest and probably the most common challenge businesses face when switching to digitalization is deciding where to start and how to formulate an effective marketing plan.

If you are also struggling with developing an effective digital marketing strategy for your business, contact Icon Advertising, the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai today and our digital marketing experts will help you.

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