7 Reasons Why Video Content Is Important for Your Business

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Video content is unprecedently a great digital marketing tool that businesses of all kinds and sizes are using to build their brands in Dubai by reaching target audience and ultimately boost sales and increase ROI. One study found that 86% of brands around the world use video content as an effective marketing tool.

Videos play a vital role in introducing brands to potential clients and build a long-term relationship with existing clients. Videos have the power to significantly increase traffic and improve conversion rate. A video shared on a landing page helps to increase conversions by 80%, and a video sent via email boosts the click-through rates by over 65%. 

Read on to know why video content is important for your business in Dubai in 2023. We will also share different types of videos you can use to promote your brand, products and services.

1. Video content helps promote sales

A well-thought and creatively made video can boost your sales significantly. One study found that 74% of users who watched a promotional video of a brand ended up buying that product or subscribing to the service.

2. Video marketing increases ROI

74% of video marketers report that videos provide a better return on investment (ROI) than static images. Demand for video content gained immense popularity over the past years because videos with relevant content explain the products more clearly than plain text.

3. Videos build trust

Promotional videos explaining features of products help build trust for potential clients skeptical about purchasing products and services online. It is recommended to make conversational videos to present your products and you would be amazed by the results. According to a survey conducted recently, around 57% of customers agreed that seeing the product demo videos gives them the confidence boost to make a decision to shop online.

4. Video content ranks better on search engines

When you post engaging video content on your website, the visitors spend more time on the site watching those videos. When visitors stay on website for longer times this tells search engines that it has great content and therefore it ranks higher on search engine pages. When you embed a video on website, it is 53 times more likely to show up among the top searches on Google.

5. Smartphone users love videos

With an ever-growing number of smartphone users, the demand for video content is also on rise. About 78% of internet users watch online videos every week, while more than 55% watch engaging videos on daily basis. YouTube, the leading online video platform, has reported a 100% increase in mobile video consumption on annual basis. Besides, the mobile phone users are likely to feel more connected with brands sharing video ads and promotional brand videos on regular basis.

6. Video content helps gain reluctant buyers' attention

Long product descriptions comprising of paragraphs after paragraphs are a thing of past now. In today's fast-paced world, no one has time to spend on reading paragraphs. On contrary, videos are often brief and easy to consume. And users love watching interesting videos. Therefore, create video content explains products in simple yet interesting way to capture attention of a wider audience, even the most reluctant ones.

7. Videos help increase brand awareness

Make videos that would entice people to share them or save for future use. Remember, in the world of social media, people are attracted to emotions, not stats.76% of users admitted that they prefer entertaining videos over plain informative videos. So, create video content relevant to the users. When they will share your content, this will help increase brand awareness.

Types of videos

There is a long list of videos you can create to engage your prospects and make them want to learn more about your brand! Listed below are popular types of videos used by businesses:

1- Product demo videos

2- Explainer videos

3- Sales videos

4- Corporate videos

5- Social media videos

6- Video ads

7- Teaser videos

8- Video testimonials

9- Behind-the-scenes

10- Videographics

Make use of video content in your social media marketing campaign in Dubai to grab attention of target customers and stand out among your competitors.

Final word!

Marketers in Dubai and all around the world are using videos in several ways to promote businesses and brands. Some common ways to use video content to promote your brand includes promotional posting videos on:

  • Social media accounts
  • Website's landing pages
  • YouTube channels
  • Google ads, and

You can also share recorded webinars on your websites or integrate promotional videos in emails.

Hire Us!

Having that said, video creation is not an easy task. It involves several technical elements that call for careful consideration. If you are also struggling to create interesting videos that engage audience, you can always hire services of Icon Advertising Dubai. We have an in-house video creation team, comprising of experienced script writers, visualizers, and animators. They have created video content for some of the world's leading brands of almost every niche and successfully helped them to attract, convert, and retain more online customers.

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