7 Reasons why SEO is Beneficial for your Business

by Icon Advertising LLC
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The need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grew unprecedentedly over the last two years, as people shifted to online shopping due to Coronavirus pandemic which surfaced in late 2019. Even the most traditional businesses realized the importance of digital marketing.

SEO for smaller businesses is even more successful strategy since it offers a cost effective way to reach a broader target audience. An effective SEO strategy, when implemented correctly, helps improve the online visibility of your website. But is this the only benefit of SEO? Or does offer some other benefits as well? Why is demand for SEO growing so fast?

Regardless of your business size, Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in helping you:

  • Create long-term brand awareness
  • Expand your target audiences
  • Boost conversions, and
  • Earn more revenue

Let’s look into 7 reasons why SEO is beneficial for your business, and how you can reap these benefits.

1. SEO helps Boost the Credibility of your business

A site with higher ranking on Google and other search engines is generally considered high-quality and more reliable by both the consumers as well as search engines. This ultimately boosts the credibility of your business. Focus on improving ranking of your website by:

  • Uploading SEO friendly content to the website
  • Increasing page loading speed, and
  • Adding relevant keywords

2. It Doesn’t Have To Cost You Anything

Unlike other marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click or Google ads, Search Engine Optimization does not cost you anything, especially if you are managing the SEO of the website yourself, it would not cost you anything. You only have to give your time to try different SEO techniques.

Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl through your website 24/7; endorsing SEO rich content and helping you tap new clients organically. To make the most of your SEO efforts, share your content on social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3. It Supports Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and a well-crafted original content go hand in hand. When you create a helpful content for visitors, and add relevant graphics — images and videos — your website ranks better on search engine pages. This way, SEO can support your content marketing strategy as well.

Make sure that you upload high quality content, optimized for keywords that you wish to rank for. Also, update the web content on regular basis since search engines rank fresh content more.

4. It works well with PPC Campaigns

Despite being free, SEO works amazingly well with paid marketing strategies, especially with pay-per-click. PPC helps your brand website to show at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Search Engine Optimization does the same organically.

If your website appears at the top of search both under PPC and organic search, this boosts credibility of your brand. People get a fair idea that your website is appearing at top not only because you have paid for it, but it is actually ranking well on search engine result pages.

You can also use SEO to boost your PPC campaigns. A high-ranking website has a higher chance to do better in PPC advertising, especially when you are ranking it for a low-cost keyword.

5. SEO optimized sites Reach More People

Another compelling reason why SEO is beneficial for your business is that SEO-optimized websites have a broader and wider reach.

Every online marketing campaign focuses on attracting a defined target audience at a specific stage of buying journey. However, SEO allows you to reach anyone looking for a particular keyword at any stage of the buying funnel.

Create an effective SEO strategy by following a keyword-focused marketing strategy rather than demographics. This way you will be able to attract more prospects interested in buying your products or services. Start by creating a list of keywords that you want to rank your website for and then expand them using keyword research tools.

6. It Helps You Rank Better In Local Searches

Lately, local searches such as “carpenter near me” have become more common. And studies have found that local searches on mobile mostly lead to conversions. Therefore, it is suggested to follow a local SEO strategy and will be able to attract more of such searchers. And the best thing about local searches is that 80% of them are ready to buy.

If you wish to get into local SEO strategy, start by creating a Google My Business account. Then ask your clients to post reviews. Optimize your listings by adding the correct name, address and phone number of your business. In the content you post on your website, add local keywords. Also, don’t forget to create listings in local business directories.

7. It Gives You a Competitive Edge

Your competitors are most probably investing in search engine optimization, and if you would not invest in a SEO, your competitors will outrank you on search engines. Studies have found that search results on the first page of Google search get more than 90% of the traffic.

If you wish to attract a bigger chunk of the daily traffic on search engines, invest in SEO. Conduct a market research to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, the keywords they are focusing on and based on that formulate your own SEO strategy. Also make sure your website is mobile friendly and loads fast on different devices.

Final Thoughts

When implemented effectively, SEO can lead to long-term exponential growth, regardless of your industry or business size. Businesses that invest in Search Engine Optimization build credibility and trust with audiences faster than those adopting the traditional marketing techniques.

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