The Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising In 2023

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Video marketing is the best strategy whether used for generating leads, educating audience or converting customers. As the name suggests, video marketing is the way to utilize videos to launch and promote your products and services by engaging with customers on social media and other digital platforms. 

Over the last few years, video marketing has become one of the top marketing strategies. This is because video content is not only entertaining and attention grabbing, but it is also easier for you to convey your message to the prospective candidates through videography.

From people who are practicing video marketing effectively, to those who haven’t adopted it properly in 2022, everyone is planning to use it more frequently in 2023. If you are also planning to try your hands on video marketing, but you are not sure where to start off, don’t worry, you have come to the right platform.

Here is the ultimate guide to video marketing 2023 that you can use to create and post videos to effectively market your business in Dubai.

Step 1: Select Your Target Audience

When it comes to making an effective video, it is very important to gauge your audience. Therefore, first define your target audience clearly. In this way, you will be able to decide the content, messaging and video’s format to meet the preferences and requirements of your viewers.

Step 2: Identify What You Want To Achieve

What is the reason behind your video creation? Do you want to promote your brand awareness? Or you want your sales to increase? Deciding your goal before starting will give you a clear direction, making it easier for you to achieve you ultimate target. Your marketing strategy will then revolve around this goal.

Step 3: Plan Your Budget for Video Marketing 

Before creating a video to promote your brand, have clarity on budget. How much you can spend on video marketing? Would it be feasible for you to hire any professional editor or videographer? Can you afford travelling to or hiring a studio for shooting video?

If you own a small business and have a very limited budget, you can simply shoot a video with your smartphone and edit it using any free video editing tool. Be clear about your opportunities and budget constraints.

Step 4: Choose The Right Platform To Publish Your Video

Another important step in effective video marketing is to know the right platform to post your video. Wherever you decide to post, keep SEO of your video in mind. Now, Youtube SEO has become equally important as website SEO. You need to use simple and searchable keywords when posting video. Some key aspects you must consider when selecting a digital platform to post your video content include: average view time, budget, communities, size and sound limitations and promotion. 

Deciding your publishing platform makes it easier for you to create a video perfectly tailored for that platform. For instance, if you are interested in publishing your video on Instagram, it should not be a very long one. Similarly you can publish your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Choosing the platform means, choosing the audience that you want to show your video to. It is better to be clear about choosing one platform, to create an effective and purposeful video. Later, you can expand your reach to other platforms as well.

Step 5: Solve Creative Challenges That You Might Face During Video Creation

After completing the basic prerequisites for creating a video, you need to think a little deeper to dig out any kind of creative challenges that you might face while making a video. For example, if you are not very good at editing the videos by yourself like a professional, you can hire services of a freelance video editor to do the job. Also, instead of making a long video in one go, you can choose jump cuts to maintain flow in your video.

Step 6: Choose Means to Measure the Success of Your Video

If you would not keep a check on how well your video is performing, your entire effort will just go in vain. For effective video marketing, it is crucial that you constantly monitor performance of your video. This way you will get to know if it is fulfilling that purpose you made your video for or not? If your video is getting likes, views and shares, it means you have created an impactful content. And if not, it means you need to focus on viewers’ demand and come up with something that appeals them.

Step 7: Know the Right Time to Launch Your Video

Once you have completed the first six steps, then comes the final and the most important step; publishing the video. Think about the best time to publish your video. If you want a successful launch of your video and want to get maximum viewership, you need to choose the right time.

Viewership on social media platforms is likely to be at peak in the evenings during weekdays, most likely after 5 pm and at the primetime. Other than that, you can also post your videos on weekends as people spend their leisure time on internet, scrolling through social websites. The best time to upload videos on weekends is in the mornings between 9 am to 11 am. 

Pro Tip: Viewership generally starts to rise on Thursdays, is maximum on Saturdays and starts declining by Sunday afternoons.


The need for a good quality video marketing strategy isn’t something new. Marketing strategies using written content and images alone are un-engaging and tedious for the contemporary consumers who are frequently using live streaming, interactive 360 degree videos. Follow the steps mentioned above and you should not feel the pressure of being a newbie in video marketing.

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