How to Change Platforms as a Creator and Find Fans on a New One

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New social media platforms seem to be emerging while existing ones are disintegrating these days.


Consider how Instagram videos became more popular as a result of Vine's demise, and how many Vine content producers were forced to switch to sites like Instagram and, later, TikTok.


Check out this TikTok dominance graph by influencer marketing hub: The Incredible Rise of TikTok – [TikTok Growth Visualization]


Influencers and content producers on social media must constantly be prepared to switch to new platforms or include them in their marketing plans.


In order to maintain momentum and attract new followers, this post will explore how influencers and content producers can transition platforms without losing their following.


Here are 5 Tips for Switching Platforms as a Creator


Below are tips from content creators with experience pivoting to new social media platforms.


  1. Go where your audience is.


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media and online platforms, it's essential to adapt and find your audience where they thrive. 


A prime example of this adaptability is illustrated by influencers like Logan Paul, who swiftly shifted their focus from Vine to YouTube and Instagram when the Vine platform met its demise. This strategic move allowed them to not only survive but also thrive by reaching their target audience on these new platforms.


Here’s a great article about his fame by hnhh; Logan Paul: From Vine To Industry Power Player


Logan Paul Switch Social Media Platform from Vine to YouTube as a Creator Dubai ICON


Casey Neistat is yet another example of such a mastermind move. A filmmaker and vlogger who initially gained fame on YouTube with his daily vlogs. He had a significant presence on the platform before shifting his focus to other projects and platforms, such as his HBO show and a new podcast.`


Check out this article from Mashable; YouTuber Casey Neistat says goodbye to vlogging


Casey Neistat Switch Social Media Platform from YouTube to HBO as a Creator Dubai ICON


  1. Make your new platform recognizable


It can be tempting to adopt a different profile or username on a new platform. It's a distinctive setting for your content and personality, after all.


Keep things like your profile photo, username, and handle consistent with other social media and your brand, though, if you want your audience to be able to recognise you on all platforms.


Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. He is active across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Gary Vaynerchuk has built a strong personal brand around entrepreneurship, marketing, and self-improvement


Gary Vaynerchuk Switching Social Media Platform as a Creator Dubai ICON


Here's how Gary Vaynerchuk maintains consistency across platforms:


  1. Username/Handle: He uses the same username, @garyvee, on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, making it easy for his audience to find and connect with him.
  2. Profile Photo: His profile photo is typically a picture of himself, creating a consistent visual identity across platforms.
  3. Content: Gary Vaynerchuk consistently shares content related to entrepreneurship, marketing, and motivation on all his social media accounts. His content is characterized by his energetic and inspirational style.
  4. Brand Identity: His brand identity revolves around his expertise in business and marketing, and he consistently reinforces this identity by sharing valuable insights, advice, and personal experiences related to these topics.


  1. Be consistent.


In order to let your audience know you're all in, set up a posting schedule. Whatever you choose, be consistent so that your audience can begin to rely on your material and engagement being available on a regular basis. The cadence will depend on the platform itself.


On your new platform, do some research on the ideal days and times to post, and attempt some testing to see when your audience is the most engaged. You might also find that various content kinds work better at particular times.


For example, your YouTube long-form videos may perform better when published around 9 a.m., whereas your YouTube shorts may have greater engagement in the late morning or early afternoon.


  1. Inform your audience.


Adam Mosseri, the dynamic face behind Instagram, also formerly known as executive at Facebook. has curated a dedicated broadcast channel IG Updates right within the Instagram platform itself. 


Check out this article by Buffer: What You Need to Know About Instagram Broadcast Channels (And How to Create Them)


Adam Mosseri head of Instagram Broadcast Channel IG Updates Dubai ICON


This channel serves as a valuable conduit for him to engage with and inform his vast and ever-growing audience about the latest and most exciting developments on Instagram.


In this exclusive space, Adam Mosseri takes on the role of a digital trailblazer, consistently sharing a treasure trove of fresh features and updates that are being rolled out on Instagram. This channel isn't just about broadcasting information; it's a direct line of communication between the man steering the Instagram ship and the millions of users who make up its diverse and vibrant community.


This is a perfect example of keeping your audience informed.


  1. Post valuable content.


One of the most compelling incentives for your audience to follow you on a new platform, especially when transitioning from one platform to another, is the promise of consistently high-quality content that enriches their experience. It is paramount that the content you share not only captivates but also delivers substantial value to your followers.


Always ask yourself the pivotal question: Is the content I'm sharing genuinely addressing the needs and challenges of my core audience? Your audience is seeking real solutions to their problems, and they have little patience for content that merely consumes their bandwidth without providing any meaningful insights or benefits.


A great example of a creator who successfully transitioned from one platform to another by offering valuable content is Neil Patel. Neil is a renowned digital marketer and entrepreneur who initially gained fame through his blog and YouTube channel formly know as Ubersuggest


Neil Patel head of Ubersuggest Transition from Blogs YouTube to LinkedIn Dubai ICON


He specializes in providing actionable insights and tips on digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, and related topics.


Neil Patel recognized the changing landscape of content consumption and the growing importance of platforms like LinkedIn. He decided to expand his presence on LinkedIn by creating content tailored to the professional and business-oriented audience that frequents the platform. Here's how he did it:


  1. High-Quality Content: Neil continued his tradition of delivering high-quality, informative content. He created LinkedIn articles and videos that provided valuable insights into marketing strategies, industry trends, and business growth.
  2. Audience Engagement: Neil actively engaged with his audience by responding to comments, answering questions, and fostering discussions. This helped build a community around his content and encouraged more people to follow him.
  3. Consistency: He maintained a consistent posting schedule, ensuring that his followers could expect new and relevant content regularly.
  4. Content Variety: Neil diversified his content by sharing not only written articles but also video content and infographics, catering to different learning preferences.
  5. Collaborations: Neil collaborated with other influencers and experts in the digital marketing space, expanding his reach and credibility within the LinkedIn community.


At the end, as you embark on your journey of platform transition and content evolution, remember that adaptability, consistency, and value are the keys to success. 


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