Affordable Social Media Packages in Dubai for 2023

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Social media marketing agencies charge their clients differently depending upon the specific requirements of clients as well as their business models. Some agencies charge their clients on per hour basis while others have fixed price packages for different services. But the hourly charges work more for freelancers. If you are running a small to medium sized digital marketing agency or you are planning to start an agency, it is recommended to create fixed-price packages.

Even if you are a social media management freelancer, you can scale up your business by adding structure to your work. And establishing a clear and easy to understand yet professional social media management packages is the first major step in setting up your online business.

Why Package-Based Systems Work

There are a number of reasons why packaging your social media services works in 2023. Some of them are listed below:

  • It looks more professional
  • It is adopted in the entire industry
  • It makes pricing clear and comparable with competitors in the market
  • It allows you to organize workflow effectively and efficiently
  • It gives potential clients leverage to choose a package that suits them

Social media Packages vs. Hourly charges

Offering packages instead of charging the clients on hourly basis will:

  • Make your social media marketing business look more established.
  • Make it easier for you to book contracts.
  • Give you stability and payment protection since you will get payment upfront at the start of every month.

Step by step guide to creating effective social media packages:

Being the leading social media agency in UAE, we have created a simple step by step guide to help you create social media packages that sell like hot cakes. Follow these steps and you will be able to create highly effective, customizable social media marketing packages in Dubai:

STEP 1: Decide what you want to offer

Choosing the right services is the first step towards creating an effective social media package. There is a long list of social media services that you can offer, from content creation to content curation, and from formulating an effective social media marketing strategy to campaign management, and so on.

So, before you even think of what you should charge your clients, sit back and ask yourself what it is that you are planning to offer, and how you can scale those services. Research what services people are searching for online. Use Google Trends tool to analyze if people interest in a specific service is increasing or decreasing over time.

STEP 2: Create tiered packages

Now that you have decided which services you are going to offer, the next step is present them in an orderly manner. Group the services in a way that they make sense. To get a better understanding of how you can group the services, do a though audience research. This way you will understand what services an average client will need.

Audience research will also help you determine the depth of packages. For example, small businesses generally demand generalized packages covering a number of services. Settled and larger businesses, on the other hand, often have their own marketing teams and resources, so they might approach you for detailed niche services.

If you wish to attract maximum clientele, do not limit the size and depth of your social media packages. Offer as many services as you can for varying budgets.

STEP 3: Price your packages

After deciding your packages, the next step is to price them. The simplest way to price your packages is organize them in bundles and price each bundle differently. Here are some examples how you can group your bundles:

1. Goal-Driven Social Media Packages

Instead of giving details of specific services, you can share value of your services. Organize and price your package based on what exactly the client wants and how much he wishes to achieve.

2. Service-Driven Packages

As the name suggests, price the packages based on the number and type of services you are offering. Add additional services and increase the cost of package and vice versa. Adopt this option if you are planning to add custom services such as content creation to the basic social media management package.

3. Budget-Driven

It is always a good idea to create packages that cater different budgets. This will allow you to work with businesses of all sizes, small medium and large. A budget-driven package also allows you to include paid advertising in the services you offer.

4. Number of platforms

If you are skilled to run social media campaign on different platforms, create packages based on the number of platforms you can work on. Potential clients will choose the package based on their social media platform preference.

STEP 4: Offer custom add-ons

To make your packages more attractive and effective, create a list of optional extras or add-ons relevant to each package. This will give clients more customization options catered specifically to their needs. Ultimately, you will have a set of happy, repeat customers, who would come back to you in future as well, instead of signing you for a one-off project only.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in creating effective packages:

  • Offer competitive prices but never undersell yourself
  • Highlight successful projects on your website
  • Ask your happy clients to post reviews on your website, social media accounts
  • Always keep an eye out on competitors work as well as their packages and pricings

Pro-Tip: The best and recommended strategy about creating an effective social media marketing package is to offer 3 to 5 media management packages. However, always give your prospects an option to choose a customizable package, just in case none of the offered packages resonates with their special needs.

One of the best ways is to name the packages as below:

  • Silver Packages
  • Gold Packages
  • Platinum Packages

Final Word!

With so much competition in digital marketing, it’s crucial to find ways to stay relevant as well competitive in the industry, especially when you are just getting started in this field. Follow the tips mentioned above and we bet you will end up creating some really effective and selling social media marketing packages. If you are not sure which package works for you then contact Icon Advertising for the best Social media packages in Dubai. At Icon, we will create customized packages for you based on your marketing budget. Contact us now and get the best tailor-made packages for your social media needs.

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