5 Website Design Tips Your Web Development Agency Should Know in 2023

by Icon Advertising LLC
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Are you a new business seeking to launch your business website? Or you are a thriving business planning to overhaul your online presence with a new website in 2023?

With over 85% of the buyers starting their journey online, having a website is a must for a modern-day business. But the tough part about launching your business website is finding the right Web development agency in Dubai.

While you can always develop your own website using numerous online tools, the wiser decision is to let a professional web developer take care of the task.

There are hundreds of web development companies out there claiming to help you get the website with the best design. Choosing a web development company can either make your online business success or shatter your dreams.

So how to know which one is the best from the rest?

Here are 5 website design tips your web development agency should know.

1. Fast Loading

Go for a web developer with proof of creating websites with fast loading.

The first thing that a visitor to your website notices is the website loading speed. Your website taking a few extra seconds to load will negatively affect user engagement and significantly drop your conversions.

Studies suggest that a 3 seconds delay in page load time can make you lose up to 40% visitors of your website.

A delay of one second in load time of your website results in:

•11% fewer page views

• 16% drop in client satisfaction

• 7% reduction in conversions

Therefore, having a fast-loading website is essential to rank well with Google and also to keep your sales and profits high.

When vetting web developers, ask the prospective company if they have previously developed websites? If yes, assess loading speed of a few websites by personally visiting the site. Use your computer as well as mobile phone to load the same website to know how mobile compatible the website is.

2. Use of Schema markup

Schema markup is the latest evolution in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This new form of optimization is actually a code that you place on your website.

When a website has this code, the search engines show more informative results to any one searching for the website. A schema markup enabled website shows users in the SERPs even the minute details, like:

• What a website is all about

• Where they are based

• What they do

• How much the products cost

• And a lot more information

Due to Schema’s ability to share even minute details about a business, people often call it “virtual business card.”

Despite being the most powerful optimization technique, it is the least utilized form of SEO. Make sure the Web Development Agency you are hiring is not only familiar with Schema markup but is also actively using the technique to boost the websites they develop in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

3. Responsive design

In this digital era, people are using a multitude of devices to search same thing, from computers to laptops, and from tablets and Ipads to smartphones. If you wish to stay relevant in online business, make sure your website is compatible with all these devices.

A Responsive Design means your site automatically responds to the size of a device’s screen. In simple words, it gives users optimal viewing experience regardless of whether they are using a 4 inch screen smartphone, a laptop or a 40-inch cinema display.

Besides creating a design that is compatible with various devices, it is also important that the web design must respond to various browsers and their different versions. You can’t expect all users to be using the latest version of their preferred browser.

So, make sure you discuss with your web designer if they focus on creating responsive web designs or not. Also, ask for their previously built websites and test them on as many new and old devices as possible.

4. SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in helping your website and business rank online. But most businesses don’t even think about SEO until their website has been designed and developed.

The fact is that SEO is an integral part of web design and must be added during the design process and not built later on. No matter how classy and shiny your website looks, if it is lacking the necessary SEO and digital marketing tools, it is a fail.

Developing an SEO-friendly website requires meticulous planning and a methodical approach to clearly explain your business and the services you offer. And to be honest, it is not always easy to document in website design exactly what you do. But this is why you hire a professional web development agency. Only a professional creative agency like Icon Advertising can help you in designing a great looking website for you.

5. Clean Coding

Most websites are built on HTML code, which acts as the foundation of the site. The stronger the foundation the stronger and highly-functional will be your website.

Clean coding is essential to maintain web accessibility and make it user-friendly. If you fail to make the code clear, it could have a number of negative consequences. For example, a site with unclear code is difficult to read and navigate through. This could ultimately cause a loss of traffic to the website.

Make sure you find a web developer who knows the importance of clean coding is for the success of a website.

Key Factors of a website:

Here is a list below are five key factors that you must consider when getting a website designed and developed.

1. Page layout: Important elements should be more prominent

2. Visual hierarchy: Make sure more important elements are bigger and bolder!

3. Site navigation: Directions to important pages and CTAs, like add to cart must be clearly mentioned

4. Site search: The search option must be sensibly and prominently positioned

5. Form filling: Make forms like contact us or book an appointment lightweight and easy to fill

A great design with all of the above key factors is the foundation of your website.

Final Words!

If you are looking for a professional Web Development Agency in Dubai to get an SEO-optimized website for your business, contact Icon Advertising today. We have a highly-skilled in-house team of web developers and designers who have vast experience in building websites fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria. At Icon, we focus both on design and user experience so the website should be fully SEO optimised. We also advise on how to market the website through digital marketing mediums. Being the leading Digital agency in UAE. we know which medium can work for which type of business so we help our clients in choosing the right marketing mediums to succeed in the long run of business.

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