We nurture them, guiding them onwards to realize their potential. We aim to raise the bar they set for themselves and their peers, including ours, with sustained growth for us all being our core focus.


Our journey of 11+ years has seen us develop into a successful, full service creative advertising and marketing agency in Dubai. Our 360-degree service offering presents custodians of prestigious, multi-national brands with a one-stop-shop solution for all their marketing, advertising, and promotional needs.

We Are

Together, we are a team of imaginative, inquisitive people with a shared passion, united by our desire to craft impactful and engaging marketing strategies and campaigns for ambitious brands.

Each team member is a specialist in their chosen domain. It’s no secret that a vital cog in every project we undertake is our wealth of professional experience, as well as our expert insights across the marketing and communications function.

Working with brands and organizations of all scales, Icon today can proudly claim that we are the preferred creative agency in Dubai for many local and multinational entities.

  • 1. The Plan of Action

    It all begins with a plan. We do realize that plans change during a project. Nonetheless, the plan is first and foremost on our minds. From scientifically dissecting briefs to meeting with our clients, we pour our heart and soul in to developing an efficient and effective course of action for every project.

  • 2. The Set-up

    Like the calm before a storm, this is the point just before the magic happens. Every team member working on the project is briefed and supplied with all relevant information relating to the market and the product or service.

  • 3. Action

    The most fun is had during this stage, when we set about making our artistic skills work wonders. Crafting spectacular designs, developing engaging content, printing stunning collaterals, we do all this and more with passion. The why to what we do is truly felt at this stage. A glimpse at our completed projects is enough for this to be evident.

  • 4. Review

    The project is by no means over when the designs have been submitted and collaterals have been printed. We take pride in ensuring that our work delivers the results that are agreed upon at the initial stages. Hence, we follow-up and leave the lines of communication open until the conclusion of campaigns.