Creative Design

We deliver design capable of elegantly and effortlessly speaking volumes on behalf of our clients’ brand, products, or services. Design is art with a purpose, with its primary role being to improve the visual appearance and function of messaging as well as information.

 At Icon Advertising, merging creativity with strategy is our forte. We take great pride in our work and it certainly shows! Just a glance through our portfolio will adequately showcase the creative prowess of our multi-disciplined team of in-house designers and finalizers.

Our team is firm believers in fundamentals, in ensuring that there is a method to all processes. In this regard, our end-product takes into consideration the following five principles of design.   

  • Balance – Adds stability and structure   
  • Hierarchy – Establishes organization and direction 
  • Contrast – Generates impact and highlights important areas 
  • Repetition – Unifies and strengthens 
  • Alignment – Creates a sharper, clearer outcome   

To know more about our capabilities and style of work, take a tour through our work section, and if time permits, do let us know your comments and opinions!