Brand Development

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Whether it’s a multi-national or an emerging start-up, exceptional branding is of utmost importance, not only for those operating in Dubai but across the United Arab Emirates and the wider GCC region.

The creation of a name and logo and aligning it with a suitable color palette and typography is a process that requires exquisite skill and plenty of creativity.

As a leading creative agency in Dubai, the primary aim of our branding strategists is to get recognition and positively influence the perception of our client’s identity not only among potential customers but also among the wider market. In addition to aiming to improve the sales of our clients, we are firm believers that successful branding will lead to increased pride and satisfaction among employees, who would have no hesitation in associating themselves and engaging with the brand of their employer.

Get in touch with our team via email at info@icon-ad.com and following a review of where you would like to take your business, our team of experts will be eager to advise and assist in formulating a branding strategy and identity that reinvigorates your organization and elevates it to the next level.