Throughout the years, our success as an advertising company in Dubai can be attributed to many things, most notable of them being our creatives’ keenness on being supplemented by specific and relevant market information. When it comes to our approach, we’re not afraid to abandon the well-trodden path. We don’t always seek a fork in the road. The old adage – horses for courses personifies our approach to work.

Creative Design

The skillfully executed design does not always have to be distinctive. We appreciate that and specialize in design with context and purpose in mind.

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Motions Graphics

Motion graphics add a whole new perspective to marketing and advertising campaigns. At Icon Advertising, our team specializes in the creation of fascinating animations with a touch of realism.

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Social Media + Digital Marketing

The new frontier, Social Media platforms’ and digital channels rise to prominence are well-known and the opportunities that they present to marketers are plentiful.

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Strategy Consulting

From digital to traditional, no two campaigns are the same. Objectives vary between driving sales to ensure top-of-mind recall and many in between.

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Web Development

The range of services offered within this domain are vast. Websites should communicate clearly and confidently with no room for ambiguity in terms of messaging and purpose.

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Brand Development

As one of the leading branding agencies in Dubai, we are well-aware of the importance and value that well-crafted identity assets offer to organizations of all scales.

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