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With Suzuki, we celebrated the legacy of their 50-year old variant, the Suzuki Jimny.

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With Suzuki, we celebrated the legacy of their 50-year old variant, the Suzuki Jimny. Due to the goodwill created around this car online, we needed to digitally amplify and engage with consumers who were on the look-out for a new car purchase.

The aim was to establish and build digital equity for Suzuki Jimny as an off-roading legend while generating relevant leads for the brand.


Generate maximum sales leads by inspiring desire and curiosity for Suzuki Jimny as the go-to option for consumers who were on the search for a capable and affordable four-wheel drive.


Our visuals were inspired by rugged aspects and features of the Jimny while doing what it does best – boldly tackling sand dunes amidst the desert terrains in our key visual as a means of leveraging on its most sought-after characteristic. Surrounding the Jimny, no distracting elements were used to ensure the focus was upon its off-roading capability.

In order to be effective in generating leads, we created a 360-degree social media campaign to reach out to new consumers based on a carefully identified list of criteria.

We used multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, Google Search and YouTube to phase the campaign out into three stages.

Phase 1: Drive Awareness

Phase 2: Engage Consumers

Phase 3: Drive Purchase Intent

With stunning visuals and animations, we were successful in reaching out to the core target audiences as a process-driven brand awareness campaign.

We engaged with the consumers by tapping into their adventurous side and showcasing product features in an insightful manner.

The final phase was enabling them to increase visits to the landing page that was created for the campaign which eventually leads to purchase intent from the consumer.


In just a short duration of 30 days, we were able to reach over 3m people and generate close to 400 successful leads for the brand.

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