The Confidence to be bold

  • Client Dragon Fire
  • Location UAE
  • Service Creative DesignMotions Graphics

From the beginning, we at Icon Advertising Agency set out to develop an integrated campaign that inspired, excited and allured a certain type of audience to this phenomenal footwear range. Built for rugged use and capable of testing boundaries of what is possible, the visuals were developed to appeal to an audience for whom seeking thrills was not a once in a way activity but built into their DNA that it is a need that must be regularly satisfied.

With the footwear in focus, each visual directly communicates the capabilities and thrill-seeking activities that these were designed for, as well as connecting with the minds of the intended target audience instantly upon first glance.

Dramatic scenes from the greatest appeal to adventure seekers and we ensured to derive inspiration from such settings along with sharp contrasts while paying acute attention to the detail in the footwear which is equally important.

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