galaxy s20 ultra

closer than your imagination

  • Client Samsung
  • Location UAE
  • Service Creative Design
Icon Advertising has the best creative team the reason why it has become the leading creative digital marketing agency in UAE. Icon has helped many businesses in their success through great marketing campaigns. Here is another example of one such campaign launched by team Icon. Primarily, inspiration has been drawn from the product name to establish a clear and direct link in terms of visual, communication, and product at hand. The phone’s greatest asset in terms of capability is brought to the fore with creative flair, while the use of an astronaut in space conveys the phone's ability to capture still images and videos in motion as close as possible to the greatest visual equipment ever produced – our very own eyes.
The angle of planet Earth has been chosen to ensure local and regional relevance concerning our target consumers. As the saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words, and hence, the need for catchy or direct slogans and text is not needed as a supporting tool in terms of communication.
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