We are a full-service advertising & design agency based in Dubai.

What's your challenge? We can help.

The goal of our experienced marketing and advertising gurus is to achieve great results and to enable your organization to be different, unique and remembered.

Once you have worked with us, and experience how our services can build your brand and increase your order book, as well as providing a firm, robust platform to continue with, we can help take your business to the stratosphere

Services We Offer


Our experts will review the nature of your business model and then will create a compelling marketing strategy align with the core of your business. We have helped many businesses in UAE in achieving their business goals through our marketing efforts.


Whether you are considering a print campaign, online media, or social media, we are the people to talk to. With all bells and whistles, and a world of creativity here at Icon, we will develop the perfect campaign to bring maximum returns.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking for brochure design, logo design, flyer design, roll up/ pop up banners or complete branding services that drive high conversion rates then this is the right place for you. Our mission is to create quality graphics that enable businesses to stand out from their competitors.

Branding & Design

Being one of the leading branding companies in Dubai, we offer complete range of branding solutions. We are your one stop solutions provider for creating your brand name, packaging, logo, POS, website and stationery to give you an advantage over your competitors.


We can produce anything from brochures, flyers, posters, stickers, stationery, letterheads, business cards, Canvas to signages at very fair price. Being the leading advertising agency in Dubai, we have also in-house team of creative designers. Feel free to contact us if you have any printing needs.

Web Development

We have in-house web development team that work directly from our Dubai office. If you are in search of a dedicated and experienced web design group to work closely with on your next project, we would love to help.

Digital Marketing

We generate internet leads through successful e-marketing strategies such as using social media to engage with your customers and prospects using selected platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, & Instagram to convert daily interactions with audiences into lasting relationships that will ultimately drive business objectives.

Motion Graphics – 2D & 3D

At ICON we use motion graphics to communicate with viewers and add depth to a story. Animated marketing videos in particular are a very useful tool to deliver your business idea in just a couple of seconds, while you engage your audience.

3D Development

Through 3D modelling, our designers can capture the essence of the product and deliver it to our client as they intended to. With the help of 3D, our design becomes more vivid and our clients can take a virtual tour of their project.

Event Management

As one the leading event management companies in UAE, we are super creative and come up with the most unique and exciting event ideas. We have vast experience of managing events, PR, product launches. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality service within your budget.

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